Materials Science & Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, University of Kashan, Tel: 98 31 55912428

The Group of Materials Engineering is active in teaching and in the research fields of production and processing of materials as well as their application. The education we offer, and our classes for continuing education, is taught at a scientific and application-oriented level. The principal area of research interest of group is directly related to the needs of the local and national metal industries. The group offers the degree of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Industrial Metallurgy, and the degree of Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Identification and ion of Materials. Undergraduate students must take 22 credits in general courses, 30 credits in basic courses, 84 credits in compulsory courses and 4 credits in elective courses (total 140 credits) for B.Sc. degree. Graduate students must take 24 credits in their required courses, and thesis (6 credits), totally 32 credits to obtain M.Sc. degree. 



The facilities available for research include:

- X-ray diffractometer

- Optical microscopes

- Metallography facilities

- Induction furnace

- Heat treatment furnaces

- Universal tensile & compression testers

- Impact tester

- Hardness & microhardness testers

- Wear & friction testing instruments

- 80 tones hydraulic press

- Electromagnetic levitation gas condensation system

- Friction stir welding and processing machine

- Friction welding machine

- Potentiostat & galvanostat EG & G model 263A

- Potentiostat & galvanostat PARSTAT model 2273

- Shielded metal, gas tungsten and gas metal arc welding machines

- Resistance spot and oxyacetylene welding equipments