Civil Engineering

The mission of education in Civil engineering is to train experts specialized in design, implementation, and supervision of civil engineering projects. Department of Civil Engineering started to admit undergraduate students in 2009 for Civil Engineering and graduate students of Architectural Engineering in 2011. The department of Civil Engineering is one of the active departments of University of Kashan in terms of attracting campus and foreign students in MSc. In 2013, the department admitted more than 30 campus students and in 2016, more than 10 international students were admitted to the department which has resulted in a gain of significant income for the university.

Currently, the department of Civil Engineering profits from 7 full-time faculty members in different branches. In addition to educational activities, a strong relationship with the industry and conducting research projects, with the presence of a faculty members specialized in Architectural, water and geotechnical branches, are among other potentialities and capabilities of the faculty members.

The department has major equipment related to laboratories for concrete, building materials, geotechnical, hydraulic, and fluid materials. Therefore, in addition to the educational utilization of the laboratories, an acceptable income has been obtained by performing various tests requested from outside the university.

Graduates of this department can have the following roles in Civil Engineering projects:

• Design engineer to design and calculate conventional engineering buildings and structures, road construction and water installations in Consulting Engineers’ firms

• Workshop Engineer to implement and run building and road construction projects and water installations in constructional workshops and road construction in contracting companies

• Supervisor for workshop to monitor the performance of construction projects in structural and road construction workshops