Industrial Engineering

Department of Industrial Engineering of University of Kashan started out with 35 BSc students in September 2014. The department has 4 Assistant Professor at the moment. In addition, faculty members from various departments of the university including Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Management cooperate with this department. Current areas of research by faculty members are as follows:

  • Evaluation and Improvement of Productivity
  • Industrial Offerings
  • Stock evaluation and economic evaluation of plans
  • Logistic and supply chain planning
  • Production and operation management
  • Schedule and sequence of operations
  • Artificial intelligence and expert systems
  • Combined optimization and metaheuristic algorithms
  • Robotics and robot motion planning
  • System analysis
  • Operations research
  • Data analysis
  • Project control and scheduling activities

The general mission of the Department of Industrial Engineering is in two areas of education and research. In education, the department seeks to specialists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and committed human beings; in research also, we seek to develop the boundaries of knowledge through conducting original research, continuous communication with the community and solving problems, meeting the needs of it through applied education and research