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The Faculty of Engineering of University of Kashan was founded in 1994 to train and supply expert and skilled manpower for the region’s industries in Faculty of Engineering of Yasrebi building. In 2009, with further development of the faculty, the faculty’s location was transferred to University of Kashan campus complex.


Currently, the Faculty of Engineering is active with five departments: chemical engineering, mining engineering, civil engineering, materials and metallurgy engineering, and industrial engineering. At the moment, Department of Chemical Engineering and Mining Engineering admit students in 3 levels of undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate studies; Department of Civil Engineering and Material and Metallurgy admit students in undergraduate and graduate levels. Also, the Department of Industrial Engineering admit students at undergraduate level only.



Faculty of Engineering of University of Kashan, with programs in Chemical, Mining, Civil, Material and Metallurgy, and Industrial Engineering, has experienced and expert faculty members and staffs, and well-equipped laboratories and workshops which provides a very suitable platform to fulfill technical and industrial needs of the region and the country. The Faculty of Engineering aims to provide useful training and research for nearly 1,000 undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students in more than twenty active programs.


At present, 39 faculty members are active in various levels including professors, associate professors and assistant professors at the Faculty of Engineering. 13 faculty members in Chemical Engineering, 11 in Mining Engineering, 7 in Civil Engineering, 5 in Material and Metallurgy, and 3 in Industrial Engineering.


The new building of the faculty, which is similar to the logo of the University of Kashan from above, was opened in 2009. Currently, Faculty of Engineering, with nearly 2 thousand students and more than 8 hundred alumni, is working in 3 levels of undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate to promote ethics and education of students and the future of Islamic Republic of Iran in different fields of study and research in order to meet the needs of the region of Kashan and Iran.

You will find below the full list of programs offered at the University of Kashan (Last Updated December 2022). You can find a more thorough list of programs at the University of Kashan HERE


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